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Re: redefining VIEW crashes MCL

>>The following definition in MCL crashes my IIci.  Am I doing something wrong?
>>(defclass view ()
>>  ((scene :initform nil :initarg :scene :accessor view-scene)
>>   (camera :initform nil :initarg :camera :accessor view-camera)
>>   (lighting :initform nil :initarg :lighting :accessor view-lighting)))
>>Vadim Shapiro
>>GM Research 
>The problem is that VIEW is used to implement the window system, so if you 
>redefine it, you're asking for big trouble. 

Steve's explanation is correct. That evaluating the DEFCLASS above causes your
MCL to crash rather than signal an error informing you of an attempt to redefine
a kernel class was a bug in MCL 2.0b1. This bug has been fixed for MCL 2.0 final.