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Re: Printing - retrieving the page range and other prJob parms

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>I've been trying to print using the mechanism specified in
>Inside Macintosh II p156, but cannot retrive the correct
>values for the page range from the TPrint record.
>The record always tells me that the system will print
>0 copies of pages 1 to 1 using draft and not spool 
>printing (bjDocLoop 0).
>After opening the printer (#_PrOpen) and
>after returning from the Job Dialog (#_PrJobDialog ...),
>(get-print-record) returns a handle to a TPrint record
>which should contain the page range and copy information
>but it does not. The values of the other fields of the
>Tprint record appear to be correct. I have not checked
>the other fields in the TPrJob record (:tprint.prJob).

I tried this at home, where I only have a StyleWriter, and it worked as
expected except that the #_PrPicFile call signalled an error. Here at
work, printing to a LaserWriter, it gets the correct values for
iFstPage & iLstPage, but always returns 1 for iCopies and 0 for

Apparently, the LaserWriter handles the number of copies for you.
It expects you to print only one copy. Other printers want your
application to do all the work.

It seems to me that you've got to trust iFstPage, iLstPage, and
iCopies and ignore the other fields. Of course, in your case,
that would cause you to print only one page all the time. But
then, I know almost nothing about printing on the Macintosh.

Which printer driver is selected in your Chooser?