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multi-processing in MCL2

   Date: Mon, 4 May 1992 12:47-0700
   From: William M. York <York@CHUCK-JONES.west.dialnet.ila.com>

       Date: Mon, 4 May 1992 03:36 PDT
       From: Peter Forster <Forster@informatik.uni-stuttgart.de>

       Our group will porting a clim application from Symbolics and Allegro (Sun) to the Mac.
       On both platforms we use the function "process-run-function" with a string, a
       function and an arg-list as arguments. On the Mac we looked for such a function
       but we found nothing. Can you give us some hints, how we can get the
       functionality of this function in CLIM on the Mac?

   Currently the MCL environment does not support multi-processing,
   and therefore CLIM can not support it in the Mac environment.

   I think that there may be some user-contributed code that
   supports multiple execution threads, but I'm not sure.  You
   should send mail to the Info-MCL@Cambridge.Apple.COM mailing list
   asking about multi-processing support.  The MCL implementors
   currently asked the members of that list for suggestions for the
   next MCL release (2.1) and I think that process support was
   mentioned several times.  You might want to add your opinion.

Does such user-contributed code exist that supports multiple execution threads for


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