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Re: future MCL

I really do agree with Rich Brandau on the following points and would
like to stress what he said:

    Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1992 13:35+0200
    From: Rich Brandau <rjb1%sun@gte.com>


    Garnet may be OK, but it's not as "standard" as CLIM.  And I wouldn't
    exactly call it "public domain," given the legal hurdles CMU's lawyers
    have set up for using it.  It also seems less powerful than CLIM,
    though that's only based on my reading of the docs.

    As for CLIM 2.0, it's crucial to the survival of MCL.  I hope ILA will
    supply it and make piles of money from it.  They deserve it: Together
    with its Dynamic Windows predecessor, it represents the best
    user/program interface ideas I've seen, and showcases LISP's
    development and runtime capabilities.  It provides a natural way to do
    valuable things that *cannot* be done in a non-LISP environment.

Vincent Keunen