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Hi, I'm working on an editor in CLIM and are therefore interested in
special characters for use as editor commands. I have several

1. I don't know how to make character constants for control- and meta-
   characters. These are written #<c-x> and #<m-x> by the

2. I see the difference between the printed representations of
   control- and meta-characters, but find no function that does. 
   The char-code is the same for both, but there must be _some_

I use MCL 2.0 beta.

BTW: The restarts menu is activated by clover-/, but I can't seem to
find the key! The / is above the 7 on my Extended Keyboard II. I guess
it is over , or . on others, is that correct? How do I generate

Hallvard Traetteberg
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