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Where is the 'get-file' dialog?

  I'm writing an application which can sometimes require the user
to select large numbers of files as input to the system. I want to
be able to notify the user as to what they are looking for: so my
question is simply this: How can I get the coordinates for the
standard Mac 'choose-file-dialog box' in order to  be able to put
a little window abopve it with a message about what the user is
looking for, in sucvh a way that my own window will be correctly placed
on all different screens? (I'm incidentally using MCL 1.3.2, though
presumably there is a general way of doing this in MCL...?)

        Thansk for your help.

(In an unrelated question: Can anyone tell me why the dialog box
brought up by 'select-item-from-list' changes fonts and styles of
selection? Sometimes I get real standard-Mac inverse-video selection,
in the usual Chicago 12 font, but sometimes selection just draws a clear
box around the selected item...it works, but sems unaesthetic.)

         Excuse my typos, please.