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MCL & Apple PR

>   Since there is almost NO generally visible PR of Lisp in the
>   Mac community [When was the last time you saw it mentioned in MacWeek,
>   MacUser, MacWorld as opposed to ThinkC or MPW?], you wouldn't even know
>   that MCL existed unless you came from the Lisp community.

I can't deny this, but I can say for sure that at this year's MacHack
conference there will be a paper presented on MCL and there will be a
round table session on MCL. I also know there will be at least 6 MCL
hackers in attendance (ILS is sending us).

It's a start.

BTW - MacHack is a conference for Mac programmers. Its  June 17-20 in
Ann Arbor.  MacHack fees are only $50 for full time students. Call or
email expotech for more info: (313)882-184 | expotech@applelink.apple.com