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Terminating INFO-MACL sub.

>Date: 08 May 92 05:38 GMT
>From: ROBERTS.JB@AppleLink.Apple.COM (James Roberts,APD)
>Subject: Terminating INFO-MACL sub.
>Cc: ROBERTS.JB@AppleLink.Apple.COM (James Roberts,APD)
>To whom it may concern:
>I regret that I must request that my name be withdrawn from the INFO-MACL list.
>Apple is simply charging to much for the path to Internet.  I shall miss the
>stimulating discussions and answers to important questions.
>James B. Roberts
>Albertson's Inc.

It is true that Applelink charges for each message from the Internet
(bummer), but in this particular case you're getting a free subscription! 
All Applelink subscribers to INFO-MCL are actually on INFO.MCL$ on 
Applelink. This means *we* pay the gateway fee and then redistribute 
the message internally for free.

Of course, if you still want to be removed for other reasons, let us know. 

When requesting a change to the mailing list, please send mail to our
request line, which is 

  On Applelink: info-mcl-req@cambridge.apple.com@INTERNET#
  On Internet:  info-mcl-request@cambridge.apple.com

Most mailing lists have a "-request" line to avoid cluttering up the main
list with administrivia. Please try that first before sending to a
big mailing list! Thanks - steve