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windoids with drop-shadows.

REGARDING                windoids with drop-shadows.
Try as I might, I can't create a windoid with drop-shadows.  (make-instance 
'windoid :window-type :shadow-edge-box) ignores the :window-type initarg 
entirely.  I hacked up the following workaround (after considerable poking 
around in disassembled code) but it only works in 24-bit mode.  Window
definition variants are stored somewhere else when in 32-bit mode, but 
Inside Macintosh neglects to say just where.

(defmethod initialize-instance :around ((w *windoid-popover)
                                        &key (window-type :shadow-edge-box))
  (let ((ccl::*windoid-wdef-handle* 
         (%inc-ptr (#_GetResource "WDEF" 0) 
                   (ash (cdr (assoc window-type

My question to BUG-MCL is: Can you guys fix it so that windoids respond to
:window-type initarg?  Even better, has this bug been fixed in the real
of MCL 2.0?  I'm working with 2.0b1p3. My question to INFO-MCL is, does
know of a workaround that would let me get shadow-box windoids?