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Some questions and another "f

To:      hohmann@zug.csmil.umich.edu
cc:      info-mcl
From:    Steve Mitchell
Date:    5/8/92
Subject: Some questions and another "fun" dialog item!
> 1) Buffer Marks
>    In MCL 1.3.2, you had to explicitly kill marks that you created with
>    a call to kill-mark....In MCL 2.0, you create buffer-marks in a
>    similar manner, but there is no kill-mark function.
>    How are buffer-marks that a create but no longer reference
>    manager by the MCL class fred-mixin?  I want to be certain that
>    these puppies are garbage collected.
Buffer marks are now internal to buffers so you do not have to worry
about their disposal. Unfortunately they are not retained in the file
when you save (any more than their owner, the buffer is).
> 2) Undocumented functions
>    In the file "windoid-key-events" in the examples folder, there
>    is a function called window-object.  It is documented in the help
>    system, but does not appear in the manual.  This is a useful function
>    (see code below) and I hate the general feeling that many more
>    functions like this exist but are undocumented - and hence, inherently
>    unusable.
The MCL team has been doing a fabulous job taking care of these details;
I have it on good authority that window-object is/will be documented in
the MCL 2.0 final Reference.
> 3) A fun dialog item
>    I think all the code is correct (well, at least it doesn't
>    crash my Mac SE or my Mac IIci)
It worked fine for me. Thanks.
Note to others: in the example, #'test-drag-checker ensures that
only the word "average" is grabbable.