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RE: p3 bug?

Jim Hurd <71501.1347@CompuServe.COM> describes problems that
occured after upgrading to MCL2.0b1p3 when specifying table
subviews by using the :view-subviews keyword.

This sounds like a bug similar to the one for radio buttons reported
a while ago. I think you'll need to install the table after you've
created the window.
(setq my-dialog
               :VIEW-SIZE #@@(300 150)
               :VIEW-FONT '("Chicago" 12 :SRCOR :PLAIN)))

(add-subviews my-dialog
                     #@@(96 35)
                     #@@(29 63)
                     :PART-COLOR-LIST '(:FRAME 13637687)
                     :CELL-SIZE #@@(14 16)
                     :TABLE-HSCROLLP NIL
                     :TABLE-VSCROLLP NIL
                     :TABLE-SEQUENCE '(0 1 2)))