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Re: more 2.1

| I'm generally very pleased with the system, but here's more desires
| for MCL 2.1 (I'm using MCL 2.0b1p3 currently, some items may be
| addressed in the final version) 
| * Compile time warnings when calling a function with the wrong number
| of arguements.

This is done in MCL 2.0 final.

| * "Edit-compiler-warnings"

I don't understand this one.

| * "Edit-callers"

I will upload in the next week or two, some code that does just that.
It keeps a callers database in a totaly transparent way (you don't
do nothing! the database is always up to date!) and has a very nice
Fred interface in which you simply click on the target symbol and
get a pop-up-menu of all its callers (selecting one of them brings up
its definition naturally). The overhead in using it (both relative to
speed of compilation and memory) is almost inexistant.

| *ability to paste into the edit definition window

This works in MCL 2.0 final.

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