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RE: p3 bug?

>Date: 13 May 92 15:37:54 EDT
>From: Jim Hurd <71501.1347@CompuServe.COM>
>To: MCL List <info-macl@cambridge.apple.com>
>Subject: p3 bug?
>Help! I recently upgraded to p1,p2,p3 and code that previously works now bombs
>> Error: Undefined function _DISPOSCONTROL called with arguments (:PTR #<A Mac
>Handle, Unlocked, Size 41 #x6BE9DE0>) .
>> Type Command-/ to continue, Command-. to abort.
>> If continued: Retry applying _DISPOSCONTROL to (:PTR #<A Mac Handle,
>Unlocked, Size 41 #x6BE9DE0>).
>See the Restarts~ menu item for further choices.
>I reindexed interfaces - where did I lose this function?

Sounds like you're missing a (require :traps) in the file containing
the new definition for the install-view-in-window method.
I apologize for providing the source patches as little bits
of code that you need to insert yourself. 2.0 final source patches
will either be distributed as entire files or as change specifications
that some provided Lisp code can use to modify the source for you.

>From: "Mark A. Tapia" <markt@dgp.toronto.edu>
>To: info-mcl@cambridge.apple.com
>Subject: RE: p3 bug?
>Date: 	Wed, 13 May 1992 17:31:03 -0400
>Jim Hurd <71501.1347@CompuServe.COM> describes problems that
>occured after upgrading to MCL2.0b1p3 when specifying table
>subviews by using the :view-subviews keyword.
>This sounds like a bug similar to the one for radio buttons reported
>a while ago. I think you'll need to install the table after you've
>created the window.
>(setq my-dialog
>               :VIEW-SIZE #@@(300 150)
>               :VIEW-FONT '("Chicago" 12 :SRCOR :PLAIN)))
>(add-subviews my-dialog
>                     #@@(96 35)
>                     #@@(29 63)
>                     "Untitled"
>                     NIL
>                     :PART-COLOR-LIST '(:FRAME 13637687)
>                     :CELL-SIZE #@@(14 16)
>                     :TABLE-HSCROLLP NIL
>                     :TABLE-VSCROLLP NIL
>                     :TABLE-SEQUENCE '(0 1 2)))

This bug has been fixed for 2.0 final. Mark's solution will
work. I can send a patch if you need it. Remind me to
send a patch for (method set-part-color (table-dialog-item t t))