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Re: more 2.1

>* "Edit-compiler-warnings"

I agree that this would be nice and probably not incredibly hard to do
if all you want is a dialog of the functions that got warnings and the
ability to double click on one of them to bring up its definition.
If you want to be able to go to the part of the definition that got
the warning, it will take quite a bit more work on our part, though
all of this work would help immensely in being able to have a real
source-level stepper, like the one in Think C.

I'd also like to have compile changed definitions as on the Lisp machine,
though it will also require a bit of work.

>* "Edit-callers"

Alan Ruttenberg wrote one of these a while back, but we decided not
to distribute it because it uses %map-lfuns, an unexported function
which does not work correctly with the copying GC and which Gary
considers evil.

>* The ability to either lock all but one of the windows open on a file
>or to split the window ala emacs so they both point to the same
>buffer. I once made the obvious error and lost half an hour's worth of

In 2.0 final, the file "assorted-fred-commands.lisp" in the examples
folder defines a clone-window command, bound to c-m-y, which makes
another window sharing the same buffer as the current one. Both
windows are updated when you type in either one. I don't remember
if clone-window was defined in 2.0b1's "assorted-fred-commands.lisp".

David Moon wrote some code that samples a file's modification date
when you open it in a Fred window and pops up a warning dialog if
the date has changed when you try to save the file. This is a standard
EMACS feature "Someone else has changed this file since you last
saved it". Unfortunately, his solution is not quite ready for
prime time. Maybe I'll get to it as a 2.0 final patch.

>Other niceities
>*mouse based pathname entry to "Search Files" similar to GOfer