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Re: more 2.1

>Hi Bill,
>	>* "Edit-compiler-warnings"
>	I agree that ..., like the one in Think C.
>While were on the subject of Think C and MCL 2.1 requests, how about a FF
>interface for ThinkC?
>I have (and use) Guillaume Cartier's interface, but it could be *much* more
>convenient, right?

Symantec has been threatening to include a ThinkC -> MPW library
translator for a while. I talked to one of their engineers at
MacWorld Boston last August and he told me that such a tool was
part of the newest version of Think C. Gary says he couldn't find
such a beast, however. When I called the Think C folks a year ago,
they said that Think C could make Think Pascal projects and Think
Pascal has an MWP library generator. So there IS a way to get to
something that MCL's FF interface likes.

Unless Symantec starts including a Think C -> MPW library tool,
I'd much rather be able to link directly from a Think C project file,
but the Think C folks did not sound eager to divulge their file
format, leaving us to reverse engineer it: not desireable.
I sent a letter (again a year ago) to the Think C marketing manager
urging him to provide a public domain Think C -> MPW library converter
and telling him that it was a question of packaging, not technology, but
I never got a response.

Maybe if a lot of people who use both Think C and MCL would bug
Symantec about it, we could get the Think C -> MPW library converter
from them and make things easier for everyone.