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ThinkC -> MPW library xlator

To:  info-mcl
Sub: ThinkC -> MPW library xlator
Following is a note I just sent Symantec to the bestlooking addresses
I could find in the AppleLink directory. They are:
D0152    (that's a zero)
To access these from iNet, append "@applelink.apple.com"
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
To:   Symantec Corp
From: Steve Mitchell, Think C S# 05000-23000-27363-80214
Date: 5/15/92
Re:   ThinkC -> MPW library translator
I program in both Think C and Macintosh Common Lisp on a daily basis.
It is extremely aggravating that the Think C object file format is
proprietary and there appears to be no ThinkC -> MPW library translator
allowing me to use Think C modules in MCL.
Please let me know of the existence of, or your plans to support this.
Thank you,