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I am new to the mac interface and have no trouble with
rectangles, lines ..........
But two questions -
I need to rotate rectangles. It appears that I must draw the rectangles
as polygons due to the top-left,bottom-right nature of drawing rectangles
1) Is there an easy to rotate rectangles (or other objects)
2) When defining a polygon as a first pass I'm using the following code:
(defparameter *w* (make-instance 'window :window-title "Balance-beam"
                                 :view-position #@( 10 100)
                                 :View-size #@(400 600)))

(with-focused-view *w*
 (rlet ((r :rect))
  (start-polygon *w*)
  (#_moveto 160 225)
  (#_lineto 200 210)
  (#_lineto 240 225)
  (#_lineto 200 210)
  (get-polygon *w*)
  (Paint-polygon *w* r)))

I have loaded quickdraw -
I do not get an error, but just an empty window!
I think the problem is in the rlet line, as I am not sure how to give
the polygon a temp name (reccord).
Anyone who could send a simple example of polygons (very SIMPLE)
and some info about rotations would save my week!!

Thanks -
Andrew Cohen
Centre for Applied Cognitive Science
(new to this game!!!!!)