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Quick and dirty postscript

Does anybody have a way to spew postscript directly at a LaserWriter
on a localtalk network from within MCL 2.0b1p3?  I realize that this
isn't really kosher but it would make my life easier in the short
term.  I am already generating postscript to a file and then printing
the file from our Suns but I would like to do all this from the Mac.
For that matter is there a convenient way to send postscript documents
directly to the printer from the Mac?  I can't find anything in the
`documentation' that comes with System 7 (I would prefer to avoid
plunging into IM).  This may well be an RTFM or FAQ (speaking of which
is there a FAQ list for info-mcl and where does it live?) since I
don't have the manual handy and I haven't followed this subject in
the past.

Thanks in advance,

Nathan Wilson
Teleos Research