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Re: Quick and dirty postscript

To:     Nathan Wilson
cc:     info-mcl
From:   Steve Mitchell
Date:   5/18/92
Sub:    Quick and dirty postscript
> Does anybody have a way to spew postscript directly at a LaserWriter
> on a localtalk network from within MCL 2.0b1p3?
Oh boy! Did you say quick and dirty?? Did you say spew?
If you want I can send you the MPW 3.0 C language source code
(about 6KB) for the "SendPS MPW Tool". Just maybe you could get
it working thru the FFI - you will of course need MPW 3.2
including the C compiler.
> For that matter is there a convenient way to send postscript documents
> directly to the printer from the Mac?
The "LaserWriter Font Utility" is what you want, and it does come with
System 7 - look first on the Tidbits disk(s).
To automate the process you could try having MCL send a 'pdoc'
AppleEvent to the LaserWriter Font Utility whenever you want a
document printed. I won't ask why you're generating PostScript
files in MCL.
> This may well be an RTFM
It's not in the manual, and I don't recall anyone asking this on
info-mcl before.
> is there a FAQ list for info-mcl
Not that I know of.