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CL Modules Source Code Anyone?

Hello there,

some time ago I bought the following book:

Mark Watson
Common Lisp Modules
Artificial Intelligence in the Era of Neural Networks
and Chaos Theory
Springer-Verlag, New York, 1991

The source code of the examples in this book should
be available. Does anyone have the source code?
Maybe this would be interesting for the MCL contrib

Contents of the book:

2. Artificial Neural Networks

3. The Substrates of Intelligence, a Neural Network Primer
4. Pattern Recognition Using Hopfield Neural Networks
5. Speech Recognition Using Neural Networks
6. Recognition of Handwritten Characters
7. Adaptive Neural Networks

8. Representing Natural Language as Lisp Data Structures
   and Lisp Code
9. Natural Language Interface to a Library Database

10. Expert Systems

11. Heuristic Network Search Algorithms
12. A Chess-Playing Program

13. Introduction to Chaos Theory
14. Fractal Images

The examples were done using MCL. Although I do like the
book and how the author presents the topics, I do have
mixed feelings. I don't like the source code. A redesign
of the programs would ease the understanding. I would
like to have a program where the data structures were
defined with structures or classes. The author uses
lists for this purpose, which I consider "old thinking".
Besides of the many style questions, the examples are very

So, does anyone have the source code?

Rainer Joswig