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MCL <-> Think C using FF-LOAD (continued)

Following on the comment that Think Pascal generates object code
in MPW format and that Think C can generate Think Pascal object code,
I tried as a test to make the simple "ff-example.c" file work.

I got two problems:

  - I did not find any way to generate Think Pascal object code from
    Think C (did I miss something?). What I could do is import Think C
    object code in Think Pascal projects. This is heavy procedure, you
    have to own Think Pascal even if you only want to do Think C programming.

  - I could not include the Think C "ANSI" library in FF-LOAD. I always
    got the following error:
    > Error: Reference to undefined entry point "_C_LMUL"
    > While executing: CCL::FF-MARK-ENTRY

I did manage to make a very simple x+1 program work, so this approach has some

Has anyone managed to make this approach work for more complex stuff?
Any idea why I get the "_C_LMUL" error?
Is there a way to generate Think Pascal object code directly from Think C?

Thanks for any answers.

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