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Re: Dylan

In article <9205212003.AA14745@hsvaic.boeing.com> george@hsvaic.boeing.com (George Williams) writes:

   The copy I have is paper (very nicely formatted, printed, and bound),
   though it would be nice if an electronic version were available.

   The only other information I have is from the front matter of the book

      "Additional copies of this manual are available from Apple Computer, 1
       Main Street, Cambridge, MA 02142.  (617) 374-5300.

       Comments on Dylan can be sent to the internet mail address

The manual isn't available electronically.  You can request a copy
of the book by writing or calling, or by sending e-mail to
dylan-manual-request@cambridge.apple.com.  Include your complete
address and also a phone number (the phone number is especially
important for anyone outside the US).