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Using THINK C libraries

Mike Meehan wrote:

  MM> How do you create a Think Pascal project from a Think C 5.0 project? I
  MM> looked in the manual and cant find a reference for it...

I don't actually _have_ THINK C, only THINK Pascal. I was extrapolating from
Bill St. Clair's message, which said:

  BSC> When I called the Think C folks a year ago, they said that
  BSC> Think C could make Think Pascal projects and Think Pascal has an MWP
  BSC> library generator. So there IS a way to get to something that MCL's FF
  BSC> interface likes.

I think I had misread this as "...C could make Think Pascal _libraries_...".
If this was the case, then what I originally said (i.e. use that library, as
it's indistinguishable from an MPW object file) would hold. However, I checked
a friend's copy of THINK C 4.0 today, and it is incapable of generating this
form of library. He has promised to bring the manual from his 5.0 update, and
I will see if there's any difference. I apologize for the confusion.

OTOH, I _did_ confirm that THINK Pascal 4.0 can use THINK C libraries (but
projects), from which it can create MPW-compatible object files. So, in a
there already is a tool which comes close to the desired "Think C -> MPW
converter" -- it's called THINK Pascal. Clearly, THINK has the technology to
create a conversion utility, although it's not clear to me that it's a simple

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