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I've had a lot of experience using Action (mostly
on the TI MicroExplorer).

I am very happy with the product.

Code that I've ported from the TI (based on Action)
has been very compatiable under MCL.

If you are new to mac programming or the toolbox,
Action can really help you.

We routinely use Action to build quick prototypes.
Standard interfaces can easily be built taking
anywhere from 5 mins. to an hour.

I've seen other programmers take months to learn to
develop interfaces on the MAC, with experience they
can do the same job in a few days. With Action I can
do it in about an hour. (Of course, there's no magic
but the interface development goes quickly).

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
I am only a user of Action and may not be able to
assist you, but I'll try.

As a lisp programmer, Action is one of the few products
(since the symbolics 3600) that I've actually enjoyed

Rick B