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Re: choose-process-dialog problem

>>>I am using appleevent-toolkit.lisp obtained from cambridge.apple.com
>>>to allow me to communicate between MCL and other applications.
>>>Most of the functions in the toolkit work fine. I cannot,
>>>however, get the function "choose-process-dialog" to work. It brings
>>>up the PPC Browser dialog, but when I choose a process and click on
>>>"OK" it causes a crash. No crash occurs if I click "Cancel".
>>>I'm running MCL2.0b1p3 on a Mac IIsi. Any help would be appreciated.

Steven Dobbs (sdobbs@trivia.coginst.uwf.edu) responded:

>>have you tried using choose-appleevent-target instead?  the following code
>>probably does the same thing that you need.
>>(rlet ((aevt :aedesc))
>>      (choose-appleevent-target aevt))

Bill St. Clair (bill@cambridge.apple.com) reponded:

>Though Steven Dobb's solution may be the one you want, your bug
>reflects a problem that will likely bite you later. It seems that
>you did not install the source patches as documented in the instructions
>that came with patches 1 & 2. In particular, the STR32 definition
>(and each of the other STRxy defintions) needs to be fixed in the file "interfaces;types.lisp".
>After making these changes you need to evaluate the following form
>(This was missing from the instructions):
>After doing that, you can start a fresh MCL, recompile
>"appleevent-toolkit.lisp", and choose-process-dialog should work.
>Alternatively, you can add the following form to the front of the
>file "b1-appleevent-support.lisp", though I suggest patching
>"types.lisp" instead.
>(let ((*autoload-traps* nil))
>  (defrecord str32
>    (length :unsigned-byte)
>    (contents (:array :unsigned-byte 32))))

After applying the source patches and evaluating (reindex-interfaces)
I'm getting the following error when I start a fresh MCL and
try to compile "appleevent-toolkit.lisp":

;Compiling "appleevent-toolkit.lisp"...
> Error: Unrecognized Macintosh argument type TRAPS::STR32
> While executing: FIND-ARG-MACTYPE
> Type Command-. to abort.
See the RestartsI menu item for further choices.
1 > 

I'm running MCL2.0b1p3 on a Mac IIsi. Thanks for the above pointers.
Any additional help would be appreciated.	

Dan Pliske
George Mason University
Fairfax, Virginia