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Re: choose-process-dialog problem

Dan Pliske
George Mason University
Fairfax, Virginia
Writes of problems recognizing the str32 argument to a trap call
>   Compiling "appleevent-toolkit.lisp"...
 > Error: Unrecognized Macintosh argument type TRAPS::STR32
 > While executing: FIND-ARG-MACTYPE
 > Type Command-. to abort.

You need to apply source-code patches in the folder:
MCL2.0b1 Source Patches in the file Types-patch.Lisp
Here they are the patches:

; Source Patches for the file "interfaces;types.lisp"
; Change the (defmactype strxxx ...) forms as follows:

(defrecord str255 
  (length :unsigned-byte)
  (contents (:array :unsigned-byte 255)))

(defrecord str63 
  (length :unsigned-byte)
  (contents (:array :unsigned-byte 63)))

(defrecord str32
  (length :unsigned-byte)
  (contents (:array :unsigned-byte 32)))

(defrecord str31
  (length :unsigned-byte)
  (contents (:array :unsigned-byte 31)))

(defrecord str27
  (length :unsigned-byte)
  (contents (:array :unsigned-byte 27)))

(defrecord str15
  (length :unsigned-byte)
  (contents (:array :unsigned-byte 15)))