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How do I use MDEF's w/menu

To:     Ashok Khosla           KHOSLA
cc:     info-mcl
From:   Steve Mitchell
Date:   5/24/92
Sub:    How do I use MDEF's w/menu obj
> I need to create a menu which shows items like command-shift-g,
> differently than command-g. My first thought was to create a
> custom MDEF, but how do I install a custom MDEF into MCL's
> menu-class?
Read Inside Macintosh vol I p362.
The MDEFs are accessible, eg:
? (rref (menu-handle *tools-menu*) :MenuInfo.menuProc :storage :handle)
#<A Mac Handle to resource 'MDEF'(0) : Unlocked, Size 4502 #x16380>
Substitute a handle to your own MDEF. If you do this (and the other
things mentioned in IM) before calling menu-install, it _should_ work.