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"MCL 2.0 does not have any high level AppleScript specific support.
I will add this to the ever-growing list of desired MCL 2.1 features
(or maybe one of you will do it and make it available to the community)."

Having this capability would enable us to write applications that can be
controlled by Frontier, Apple Event QuickKeys, etc. The problem that continues
to upset me is that "the community" you talk about only includes the folks on
Internet, who have ftp abilities.

I'm feeling very left out of all the great MCL tools, applications, and tricks
that seem to be available to others, but not to MCL users who only have access
to this forum via CompuServe and/or AppleLink.

There _has_ to be some way for us to become part of "the community". We are
just as committed to MCL and its growing role as an exemplary OODL. Please try
to support us, too.

If there was some way to use ftp capabilities from CompuServe or AppleLink, I'd
be a happy camper!

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