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Re: AppleScript

There is nothing as far as I am aware that prevents you from writing MCL apps
which can be driven just fine from Frontier - or am I missing something?  MCP
apps can happily send AEvents, and inserting an AEvent event handler in the
chain should be fairly straightforward, is it not?
I should also in fairness speak for Bill, who has been kind enough to
cross-post some of the MCL goodies from the Cambridge archive onto AppleLink -
this is a difficult problem of which Apple folk are only too aware; one major
step forward should be the running up of the OODL SIG of MADA (I own up to
being one of the 'gang of three' working on this now) - two of the three of us
have no direct access to the Internet, so you can rest assured that we are very
aware of the split in the MCL world.
It is difficult, without the intervention of substantial resources, to know how
best to tackle this problem.  We could easily arrange cross-posting of files,
into a folder on AppleLink (as Bill has been doing) and a forum on CompuServe,
but it is a lot harder to find someone prepared to take the time to do this,
and someone to foot the bill!  There is also something inherently nasty about
this wastage of storage medium space.  I would welcome suggestions which we can
implement without costing everyone a lot of money.
Oh - and whilst I am here, I should announce that I am currently working on a
set of templates and utilities to allow you to design your user interface for
an MCL app using AppMaker, and that this is necessarily involving designing a
skeletal MCL application.  Anyone who has such a skeleton which they consider
might be a good starting point (or even exemplary) I would ask (if not beg) to
send to me [UK0392 on AppleLink, 70734,120 on CompuServe,
UK0392@applelink.apple.com if you have to make do with Internet :-)].