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Re: AppleScript

To:     John Lewis     zilla@ccrl.nj.nec.com
cc:     info-mcl
From:   Steve Mitchell
Date:   5/27/92
Sub:    Re: AppleScript
> How about sending the control in the other direction:
> is it possible to send appleevents to photoshop from mcl,
> doing the scripting in mcl?
I use PhotoShop 2.0 and as far as I know it supports only the
4 required AEvts. I doubt extending this is a high priority;
I guess it would require the creation of a scripting language
for PhotoShop that would choose menu-items etc, and AEvt
handlers to drive it.
This is probably the reason AEvts support is not yet as
widespread as you'd expect.
I've never got a definitive answer from Adobe whenever I've
asked about future versions of their s/w, but you could try...