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Does anyone have or know about an Interlisp-to-Commonlisp
translator/interpreter ??  I have some old Interlisp code
(quite a bit of it) and I _desperately_ need to get at least
some part of it running in Commonlisp, and really don't want
to have to start completely from scratch (well, I really don't
have an extra person-year to devote to it).  I'm not too worried
about the interface portion of the code, but the data structure
creation and manipulation is crucial.  This code ran on a
Xerox D Machine under the Lyric release of Interlisp.

Alternately, if someone has an old Interlisp machine that they
would like to donate to a University for a huge write-off,
that would also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any advice/help you can give (except the
suggestion that I should run as fast as I can from Interlisp
and the D Machines, I tried, and can't...)

Beth Britt
Computer Science Department
Eastern Washington University
Cheney/Spokane, WA  99004
(509) 359-6910

"Still working on a cute sign-off"