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Re: Dylan in the news

>Dylan is a hybrid of two older programming languages, notably LISP,
>created about 20 years ago expressly to write artificial-intelligence
Oh come on now, Lisp is much more than TWO older programming languages.
Let's see, besides Common Lisp, there's MacLisp, Interlisp, FranzLisp, xlisp,
ExperLisp, ZetaLisp, UCI Lisp, Object Lisp, Scheme...

>LISP has at its core something called an "inference engine"
>that helps programs make human-like decisions ...
I can understand accidentally missing the documentation on weak hash tables,
but jeepers! this is really important :-) !

Letter to the Editor of San Jose Mercury News
I've heard rumors of cars that get more than 100 miles per gallon.
At their core, do they use the Lisp inference engine?