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Re: CL Modules Source Code Anyone?

In article <9205201051.AA05542@ki6.informatik.uni-hamburg.de>,
joswig@informatik.uni-hamburg.de writes:
> some time ago I bought the following book:
> Mark Watson
> Common Lisp Modules
> Artificial Intelligence in the Era of Neural Networks
> and Chaos Theory
> Springer-Verlag, New York, 1991
> The examples were done using MCL. Although I do like the
> book and how the author presents the topics, I do have
> mixed feelings. I don't like the source code. A redesign
> of the programs would ease the understanding. I would
> like to have a program where the data structures were
> defined with structures or classes. The author uses
> lists for this purpose, which I consider "old thinking".
> Besides of the many style questions, the examples are very
> interesting.

Most of his code was based on MCL 1.3.2 drawing/plotting functions.
I actually converted them to MCL 2.0 format, so if anyone are 
interested in the drawing functions themselves, send me an email
and you should get the one-evening hacks (ksand@apple.com).
                                              Cheers, Kent