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Re: What is the current version?

>  Could someone please tell me what the current version of mcl
>  is?  Last time I know it was 2.0beta and patch level three.
>  If the final version is out could you also maybe summarize
>  the MAJOR changes from the beta to the final.  I have not
>  been keeping up as I have had other projects to occupy
>  my time, but I would like to get back up to speed on LISPing
>  ability.

The currently shipping version of MCL is still 2.0b1. There
are still only three patch files which are available for anonymous
FTP from cambridge.apple.com (or I'll mail them to anyone who doesn't
have anonymous FTP).

MCL 2.0 is very nearly ready to ship. We're hoping to ship it sometime
this summer.

There were too many changes for me to remember, though very
few of them are not upward compatible.

When the release notes are ready, I vote for posting them to info-mcl.