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New features in MCL 2.0

>  Could someone please tell me what the current version of mcl
>  is?  Last time I know it was 2.0beta and patch level three.
>  If the final version is out could you also maybe summarize
>  the MAJOR changes from the beta to the final.  I have not
>  been keeping up as I have had other projects to occupy
>  my time, but I would like to get back up to speed on LISPing
>  ability.
As Bill stated, MCL 2.0B1p3 is the latest available version today.
MCL 2.0 will ship early this summer.  APDA will send an MCL 2.0 update
(including software on 800K disks, a CD-ROM, and printed documentation) to
everyone who purchased MCL 2.0b1 or the MCL 2.0b1 update.  If your mailing
address changed since you ordered MCL 2.0b1, send mail to APDA at
Changes from MCL 2.0b1 => MCL 2.0 final include:
   o Ephemeral garbage collector
   o Complete CLOS implementation as documented in CLtL2 plus
     part of the introspective MOP.
   o Complete CLtL2 compatibility including integrated pretty printer
   o Immediate (non-consing) short floats
   o Read only files respected
   o System 7.0 support
      Balloon Help
  o  Interface to ToolServer (to drive MPW tools via AppleEvents)
   o New hash table implementation with improved locality, and
     better garbage collection interaction.
   o Greatly improved reference manual
   o Improved and more complete Macintsoh Toolbox interfaces
   o An example application with no Listener.
   o CD-ROM including
     User contributed code
     Info-mcl mailing list archive
     MCL Reference online in DocViewer format
     lots more