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>Does anyone know a production system called CLIPS about its function,
>performance and where I can get?  Thanks.

CLIPS is a forward chaining production system OPS-like written in C by
NASA.  The CLIPS engine, beacuse it is ANSI C is quite portable and pretty
small.  I've used an old version of the shell as well as a CLIPS look-alike
called Cognate which was written in MacApp.

I just got the new version of CLIPS, 5.0, for the Mac.  One of the features
which I wanted to explore is COOL (CLIPS Object Oriented Language) which
purports to provide an object oriented programming environment integrated
into the rule language.  I've not used this new version of CLIPS yet so I
have no idea of its performance.

Other new things in this version of CLIPS are truth maintenance, dynamic
rule addition, a deffunction which allows easy definition of new functions
usable in the language and a way to set different conflict resolution

The nice thing about CLIPS is that it is readily embeddable by including
its runtime  in conventional applications.

You can get CLIPS from:

        The University of Georgia
        382 E.  Broad St.
        Athens, GA 30602 USA

        	       	Tom Bonura
        	Apple Computer Inc.
        	Advanced Technology Group
        	MS 76-3D
        	20450 Stevens Creek Blvd.
        	Cupertino, CA 95014

Internet: bonura@apple.com
Applelink: BONURA
Phone: (408)974-4538
Fax: (408)974-0234

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