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Re: Dylan

In article <9205211914.AA01139@nada.kth.se> perham@nada.kth.se (Per Hammarlund) writes:

>Can someone put Dylan in relation to Oaklisp (of Kevin Lang and Barak
>Pearlmutter)?  Is there a similarity?

The two languages are somewhat similar in concept, but
quite different in detail. In particular, there has
been no attempt to make Dylan compatible with Scheme,
although its semantics are largely based on Scheme's.
Thus, although you can run Scheme programs in an
Oaklisp environment, you can't in a Dylan environment.

Like Oaklisp, Dylan is objects 'all the way down' and
uses generic functions for method selection. Unlike
Oaklisp, Dylan provides no lambda per se, not even
in the form of a macro, though the 'method' construct
essentially takes its place.

>Where can one find the specs?

Write or call:

Apple Computer
1 Main Street
Cambridge, MA 02142
(617) 374-5300