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Suspend/Resume Event

What would be the best way in 2.0 final to catch events?  Is *event-hook*
obsolete or down-graded now?

The intent in this instance is to allow programmers to add functions to a
couple global lists to be called on suspend/resume events, so there may
already be some functionality provided by MCL for this.

Today, I actually had to open up a reference book (Mac Revealed, v. 4) in
order to figure out what the names of some constants were.  Since I do this
as little as possible (keeping in mind the Mac philosophy), I was wondering
if there isn't some way of working backwards from a given number, say 15,
to finding all the constants in the constants.idx whose value is that

Forgive me if I'm being stupid here, I'm not quite sure how #$ works with
constants.idx and defconstant...

After tracking this down to EVENTS.lisp, I gotta wonder...what happened to
number 9?  All the other numbers get an event, how come s/he doesn't?

"TANSTAAFL" Rich lynch@ils.nwu.edu