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No Student discount for MCL

>>  2) Can I get a student discount.  Being a poor, hungry, starving,
>>     student it might be difficult to justify purchasing MCL.
>There is currently no student discount.
>Harvey, please record one more vote for a student discount.
I hear the requests for student discounts.  Unfortunately, we don't have a
program in place to offer student discounts on individual copies of APDA
products and we won't for the forseeable future; perhaps that will exist will
some day, but I wouldn't recommend holding off on buying MCL to wait for it.
While I realize that site licenses may not help an individual student, Apple
does offer attractively priced site licenses to universities which want to
purchase multiple copies of MCL or other development tools.  At the moment we
offer a limited site license for sites of up to 20 users as well as an
unlimited site license; in the very near future we will probably offer a
license for as few as 10 users.  For information on MCL site licenses, send
mail to SW.LICENSE@applelink.apple.com.
--Harvey Alcabes
  MCL Product Marketing Manager