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Re: OPS5 in MCL

I accidentally deleted the message asking for an MCL-compatible
version of OPS5, so I'm forced to respond through the net.

There are quite a few versions of OPS5 written in Common Lisp which
are available by FTP- I used to know where they all were, but I have
misplaced that info. However, I have been using a shell which is a
superset of OPS5 for a couple of years, which I decided upon after
conducting quite an extensive search for an MCL-compatible production
system shell. The shell I use (developed, strangely enough, by a guy
named Peter Shell) is called FRuleKit. It runs on top of a class-based
frame system called Parmenides, also developed at CMU by Peter Shell
and Jaime Carbonell. Both systems are written in Common Lisp, not
specifically for the Mac, but ported with no problems at all. For
info about obtaining and using FRulekit, write to Peter Shell at
pshell.ml.ri.cmu.edu or c/o The School Of Computer Science,
Carnegie Mellon UNiversity, Pittsburgh 15213.

I've had no problems at all with the shell after two years of near-daily
use, although I should add that my production system is a simple one
which does not push the system to its limits, so I can't say much about
the more arcane features.

            Hope this is helpful.