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How to eval. this code without a warning

   From: jbell@garnet.berkeley.edu (John E. Bell)
   Date: 27 May 92 23:29:09 GMT

   I need to evaluate code such as the following without getting a
   warning about an undefined function appearing in the Listener:

    (let ()
       (load "foo.lisp")

   where bar is a function contained in the file foo.lisp. Bar is
   unbound before loading foo.lisp. How can I do it?

   Note: I don't get the warning if I evaluate the code in a fred
   window, but I do when I evaluate it in the Listener or from within
   another function.

MCL uses a compiling evaluator by default.  If you want to be able to
evaluate the above in the Listener without the warning, set
*compile-definitions* to nil first and the standard evaluator will be

Depending on what command you use, ed-eval-or-compile-top-level-sexp
is probably being invoked in Fred, which probably uses the standard
evaluator on your expression.