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Application Framework in MCL?

Does the MCL development team envision developing an application framework for 
MCL in the future?  It would be nice to have a framework that provides the 
behavior I would need to create a real, live, Macintosh double-clickable 
application where the user wouldn't have a clue that the app was written with 
MCL.  I don't care if the framework looks like MacApp or not... I just would 
like to have a framework that would give me the same sort of behavior.  Also, it
would be nice to have an extensible set of tools (similar to ViewEdit and 
MacBrowse) to make creating the application easier.  For example, I'd like 
something like ViewEdit but I would like to create my own view-attribute type 
dialogs for it and insert my own code to handle each of these dialogs.  Also, 
I'd like to have the source for the framework classes and the tools so I can 
learn from the pros.

I'd also like to have cross-platform development capabilities.  I don't really 
know very much about CLIM but, for now, I'm more interested in getting the MCL 
equivalent of whatever Apple is going to provide for its developers.  After the 
Mac, my secondary target will be mainly MS Windows although it would also be 
nice to provide my applications on the various and sundry Unix GUI platforms.

As you may have guessed, I have used mostly MacApp (with C++ and Pascal) for my 
application development.  I would really love to be able to use MCL (although I 
don't consider myself a seasoned Lisp programmer yet) instead as it would 
greatly improve my productivity but cannot justify the time to create all of the
stuff for MCL that MacApp gives me for free (well, the cost of the ETO).  Are 
there other MacApp developers in this boat also?  Is the MADA Sig (OODL/MCL?) 
putting together a wish list of these sort of things?

Dave Lucky