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Re: AppleScript

>The callback mechanism for resolving objects is very similar to the one for
>dispatching AEs. When one AE parameter is an object, you call AEResolve, that
>dispatches to one (or several) of your callbacks. All this happens at WaitNext-
>Event time. Is that OK with the GC?

The question is who calls AEResolve. If it's MCL, all is hunky-dory.
If it is another application, during a WaitNextEvent call made by the
garbage collector, that's bad and will require
(set-gc-event-check-enabled-p nil).

>BTW, implementing the core suite and the object model just makes the app script-
>able. The next awareness level is to be recordable. For that, you need to
>translate all user actions to AEs, and post the AEs to yourself, so they can
>be recorded.