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More on MCL App Framework

Howard:  Sorry, I'm not familiar with the work you are doing for the application
skeleton.  Can you enlighten me?  In particular, I'm not sure how AppMaker fits 
into your work.  Also, it sounds like you are doing this on your own.  Is that 
right or are others involved in it?  Is this something that the MADA/OODL group 
is involved in at this time?  By the way, I'd like to help when you are ready 
for it since I'm interested in these kind of things.  I'm not sure I'll be of 
much use, though, since I'm not a veteran Lisp programmer yet.

Jeff:  If the MADA/OODL group is involved, then is this the right place for this
sort of discussion or is there another address (such as AppleLink)?  I don't 
want to be tying up this forum if there is a more appropriate place to dicuss 
this stuff.  Also, I'm not a MADA member at this time.  Can you send me more 
information on what you're doing and how to join?  My AppleLink address is D3085
in case you want to send it there.

I applaud the work that folks outside of Apple are doing on this project as it 
is volunteer work and everyone is probably very busy already.  I sent this 
request to the MCL development team because it seemed that other requests such 
as CLIM support were sent to them.  To send them such a request is like sending 
MacApp requests to the C++ team.  Although they probably talk to each other, I 
have inferred that the MacApp and C++ teams are not the same group.  I don't 
know of an Apple group that handles MCL application framework questions, 
however, so the MCL teams seems like it for now.

Now that I've beaten around the bush, let me frame my request in a different 
way.  Does Apple see itself forming an application framework development group 
in the near future?  Using an application framework has both strategic as well 
as technical implications.  Having Apple carry this flag initially themselves 
will, I believe, make it easier for companies to buy into this technology as an 
viable alternative to use when developing some of their mainstream applications.

Dave Lucky