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Re: More on MCL App Framework

> I'm not sure how AppMaker fits into your work
Consensus is that AppMaker is pretty well the best interface editor, and it is
a wondrous tool being open to customisation to generate language-specific code.
So, AppMaker will be the interface editor, and will generate MCL code for the
> it sounds like you are doing this on your own
I do hope not!  Any volunteers - I have already received pointers to major
contributions of useful code, thank you - are very welcome.  And yes, it is
being organised through the OODL SIG, which is also being organised now.
> I'm not sure I'll be of much use
Neither am I a veteran Lisp programmer; however, we all have strengths and
talents which we can offer, and if you can help in any way, you are welcome.
Once we have a reasonable way of communicating within the SIG, I shall be
posting a proposal for the project, detailing which areas I feel we need to
work on, and how it should all fit together; we will then evolve the project
from there.
> Can you send me more information on what you're doing and how to join?
Jeff will be posting more info on membership very shortly.  There is no need to
panic yet, although anyone wishing to join MADA per se is welcome to AppleLink
MADA.  I am obviously very keen that the skeleton app/framework/class libraries
are primarily SIG developments, but we are also keen to ensure that everyone
who wants to can join the SIG.  This is a very exciting time for MCL and, I
believe, development for the Mac.  As with many other Mac developments, this
needs the community and will be for the community's benefit.
Regards, Howard.