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Scrolling dialog

How do I create a scrolling dialog?

I am a novice.  I've successfully created the standard sorts of dialogs that
are provided.  But then I tried defining a new class that inherited both from
dialogs and from scrolling windows (as defined in MCL 2.0b1's Examples folder)
and this did not work.  When I tried to make an instance of this new class I
got an "incorrect keyword arguments" error.

What should I fix?

Here's what I did:

3 >(defclass scrolling-dialog (dialog ccl::scrolling-window) ())
3 > (setf *my-scrolling-window* (make-instance 'scrolling-dialog))
> Error: Incorrect keyword arguments in (:WINDOW-TITLE
>                                                 "Untitled Dialog"
>                                                 :WINDOW-TYPE
>                                                 :DOCUMENT) .
> Type Command-. to abort.


Timur Friedman