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Re: Dylan Article Funnies

In article <59890@cup.portal.com> Chewy@cup.portal.com (Paul Frederick Snively) writes:
   in the industry is well-taken).  Sculley is a business/marketing guy.  Letting
   him make an announcement about a product as nearly purely technical as Dylan
   strikes me as a rather grievous error in judgement.  Heaven forbid that, say,
   one of the ATG East engineers who actually created the language should be
   allowed to talk about it--s/he might get the "product positioning" wrong, or
   something. ;-)

I agree that the presence of a technical expert for the occasion might
have been useful.  But the announcement itself, I think, had to come
from the very top of the corporation in order to be taken seriously.
Anything less would have been seen--outside as well as inside the
company--as just wishful thinking from a dissident faction.

        Lawrence G. Mayka
        AT&T Bell Laboratories

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