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Re: More on MCL App Framework

In article <707522144.7692313@AppleLink.Apple.COM>, UK0392@AppleLink.Apple.COM
(EHN & DIJ Oakley,BDV) writes:
> Jeff will be posting more info on membership very shortly.  There is no need
> panic yet, although anyone wishing to join MADA per se is welcome to AppleLink
> MADA.  I am obviously very keen that the skeleton app/framework/class
> are primarily SIG developments, but we are also keen to ensure that everyone
> who wants to can join the SIG.  This is a very exciting time for MCL and, I
> believe, development for the Mac.  As with many other Mac developments, this
> needs the community and will be for the community's benefit.

I would also personally see a situation where this framework is maintained
and constantly updated with new classes, style FSF without all the political
fuzz. It means that we need to write some kind of legal document which makes
it possible for anyone to use the code. It also means that those who contribute
knows about this.

Anyway, I'm sure the SIG should be up and running soon (yeah, Jeff?), and we
could spawn off a separate framework-gang which works on the code. And the
discussion and work definition talk could move over to a separate mailing list.

Another thing I'm working on myself just now is a form of an electronic
but more about that later.
                                              Cheers, Kent Sandvik/DTS