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Ugly, unformatted output from macroexpansion

I'm encountering some strange behavior when I use Ctrl-M to expand a 
macro.  On my normal installation of MCL (2.0b1p3) I get an expansion 
of the macro in the listener window, formatted nicely.  Recently I tried
using a saved MCL image from another installation, and when I do Ctrl-M
the macro expansion appears in the listener window as an unformatted block
of text (i.e. no spaces or lines between forms).

I've compared the environment and print options setting on both installations
and they match (i.e., *print-pretty* is t, etc.).  Any ideas why the output
from the macro expansion is formatted in the one case and not in the other?


Brian P. Kettler            Computer Science Department,
email: kettler@cs.umd.edu   University of Maryland at College Park 20742
     "Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein