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Re: New features in MCL 2.0

In article <2342.2A30628B@zorro9.fidonet.org>,
David.Lamkins@p14.f640.n101.z1.fidonet.org (David Lamkins) writes:
> [Harvey Alcabes wrote:]
>   > Changes from MCL 2.0b1 => MCL 2.0 final include:

>   > o  Interface to ToolServer (to drive MPW tools via AppleEvents)
> How and where is ToolServer available? I have MPW 3.2, and haven't seen it
> among
> its distribution files, nor have I seen it on the Developer CD series. Neither
> is it listed in the APDA catalog. Will you include it with MCL 2.0 final?

Toolserver is yet not final, so the only place to get the software from is the
ETO CDs. In future Toolserver will be bundled with a new MPW release, I can't 
say when and how this will look like (that's for marketing people to decide).
                                              Cheers, Kent